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Build an Alexa Skill in 1.5 Minutes with Alexa-Hosted Skills – Dabble Lab #211

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#211: In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an Alexa skill using Alexa-Hosted skills in the Alexa Developer Console. If you’ve never created a skill before, this tutorial was created for you. ≡≡ FREE ALEXA TUTORIALS + TEMPLATES + COURSES ≡≡ 100+ Free Tutorials – Alexa Skill Templates – Alexa Development Courses –
Kingdom Tech Solutions

3 Bible Verses That Support Technology In Churches | Pro Church Daily Ep. #119

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We wanted to give a Biblical foundation for why we care so much about digital media. Brady shares three Bible passages that inspire us.

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What we found . . . (1:17)

– Acts 17 (2:26)

– Parable of the Sower (4:42)

– The Great Commission (7:27)

– A history of tech in church (8:59)