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Worship Tech Tour – Life.Church


In this video, you get an in-depth behind the scenes look at the production system they use at Life.Church for multi-site and online worship. 0:00 Introduction 1:27 History and Impact of Life.Church 6:30 Multi-Site Strategy 11:30 Church Online Strategy 15:35 Broadcast Campus Tech Tour 17:15 Main Auditorium AVL 17:33 LED Wall and Displays 19:00 Lighting 19:40 Automation 20:21 Live Sound System 21:23 Sound Reinforcement 23:46 Vertiv KVM Network 26:00 Cameras 28:49 Control Room A – Video Broadcast 30:13 Robotic Camera Control 30:49 Video Processing and Switching 31:41 Tips for Video Preaching 34:53 Video Switcher and Stripes 36:28 Server Room 36:48 Control Room B 38:08 Broadcast Audio 38:54 Broadcast Sound Studio 44:19 Broadcast Audio Strategy 47:10 Central Sound Studio 52:15 The Team and Systems 1:00:00 Internships at Life.Church 1:01:35 Satellite Campus Tech Tour 1:09:22 The Warehouse 1:10:28

Download the Worship Ministry Toolkit for a complete list of our recommended gear and software: Intern at Life.Church –… Want an AVL system like this at your church? Connect with the team at Summit –… Conclusion Check out Worship Ministry School: Church Sound Course:… Beginner Live Streaming Course:… Advanced Live Streaming Course:… Broadcast Mix Mastery:… Follow Jake on Instagram: @jakegosselin Follow Churchfront: @churchfront FREE RESOURCES Worship Leader Training:… Ambient Pads for Worship: Gear we use to make videos at Churchfront: