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Build an Alexa Skill in 1.5 Minutes with Alexa-Hosted Skills – Dabble Lab #211

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#211: In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an Alexa skill using Alexa-Hosted skills in the Alexa Developer Console. If you’ve never created a skill before, this tutorial was created for you. ≡≡ FREE ALEXA TUTORIALS + TEMPLATES + COURSES ≡≡ 100+ Free Tutorials – Alexa Skill Templates – Alexa Development Courses –
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Alexa: “Play the Bible”

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Alexa is Amazon’s “virtual personal assistant” who responds to voice commands for playing your favorite music, controlling products in your home, giving helpful information, and even, playing the Bible! Almost two years ago, Amazon added the YouVersion Bible app to Alexa’s vocabulary. You can use a voice command to hear a special passage from the Bible, or hear the verse of the day. You can even hear the Bible read by professional narrators. With today’s technology, all we have to do is ask—and we can hear the Bible! Engage with the Bible—in every sphere of its influence! Sign up to receive The Book in your inbox daily at Copyright © 2017 Museum of the Bible. All rights reserved.